Superlight DALI to 1-10V Signal Converter

Superlight DALI to 1-10V Signal Converter is a useful device for converting existing DALI protocol to the commonly used analogue 1-10V dimming protocol. The unit is useful for integrating 1-10V enabled products into projects where DALI is being used.


Input Voltage:
Controller Type:
Input Protocol:
Output Protocol:
Output Channels:
Control Circuit Output Current:
Connection Method:
Recommended Ambient Temperature:
IP Protection Rating:

100-240VAC   or   12VDC Version
Signal Converter
1-10V Analogue
1 Channel
Screw Terminals
-20 ~ +50°C

Typical Applications

Control 1-10V products via DALI
DALI dimmable LED lighting installations
Commercial & industrial lighting projects

Lighting System Design

Superlight can provide detailed wiring schematics and lighting control system design by request. Contact us for more information.

Installation Guidelines

  • IP20 Indoor Use Only
  • Use only with DALI & 1-10V enabled products
  • Install unit in locations with good ventilation

Ordering Information

  • SL5045-02    Superlight DALI to 1-10V Signal Converter
  • SL5042-04    Superlight DALI to 1-10V Signal Converter