Superlight E27 Festoon Lighting Cable Loom

Superlight LED Festoon lighting system is a professional lighting product that can be used for many domestic commercial decorative lighting applications. We stock several different configuration of lampholder spacing and lengths to cater for any project. Superlight can also design and manufacture customised solutions to suit projects of any scale.


Cable Classification:
Cable Type:
Lampholder Classification:
Standard Lengths:
Standard Lampholder Spacings:
Max Current Rating:
Cable Colour:

VDE Rubber
Double Insulated
300mm & 500mm

Suitable LED Lamp Options:

  • SL7211 G40 40mm Opal
  • SL7219G40 40mm Semi-Transparent
  • SL7280G80 80mm Opal
  • SL7280G80 80mm Clear

Typical Applications:

Decorative lighting in commercial and residential projects. Trees and landscaping projects. Streetscapes and architectural features, professional festive lighting, public spaces.

3D Modelling & Lighting Design

Superlight can provide detailed 3D modelling and lighting design services for your project, including wiring schematics and lighting control system design. Contact us for more information.

Customisation Options

Custom lampholder spacing available by special request
Superlight can design and manufacture custom configuration by request.

Ordering Information

  • SL7217-07    Festoon Cable Loom 500mm Lampholder 1 x 7.5mtr BOX
  • SL7217-17    Festoon Cable Loom 500mm Lampholder 1 x 17.5mtr BOX
  • SL7217-50    Festoon Cable Loom 500mm Lampholder 1 x 50mtr BOX
  • SL7218-10    Festoon Cable Loom 300mm Lampholder 1 x 10mtr BOX
  • SL7218-20    Festoon Cable Loom 300mm Lampholder 1 x 20mtr BOX
  • SL7218-50    Festoon Cable Loom 300mm Lampholder 1 x 50mtr BOX