SL5410 Superlight 8-Zone Wireless Remote Control

Superlight SL5410 is a wireless remote control system that allows for wireless switching or dimming of Superlight LED products from virtually any location. The hand-held remote controller can be paired with RF receiver units for wireless control from distances of up to 50mtrs. The remote control can accommodate up to 8 zones and each zone can include up to 10 receivers making the system capable of controlling installations of any size.


Wireless Button Input Voltage:
Wireless Button Functions:
Dimming Control Range:
Hand Held Remote Dimensions:
Output Control Channels:
Connection Method:
RF Remote Operating Distance:
Included Accessories:
Compatible Wireless Receiver:

CR2025 Coin Battery (included)
On/Off + Dimming
8 Channels/Zones
RF Wireless
Up to 50mtrs +
Wall Mounted Holster Bracket
SL5411-10 / SL5439-32

Typical Applications

Projects where traditional wiring is difficult or expensive
Domestic, commercial LED lighting installations.
Wireless control of superlight LED strips, modules and fittings.

Lighting System Design

Superlight can provide detailed wiring schematics and lighting control system design by request. Contact us for more information.

Installation Guidelines

  • SL5410 remote control can control multiple receivers simultaneously
  • Wireless receivers are available in constant-current or constant-voltage configurations.

Ordering Information

  • SL5410-00      Superlight Multi-Zone RF Wireless Remote Controller Black
  • SL5411-10      V3 RF Dimming Control Receiver – Single Channel
  • SL5439-32      V3 RF Dimming Control Receiver – RGB/RGBW