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What is LED Lighting?

Superlight LED lighting is a new lighting technology which uses much less energy and lasts much longer than traditional light sources. Superlight LED products have additional benefits such as lower heat output, zero IR radiation, ease of installation and many more.

What is Superlight?

Superlight is Australia & New Zealand's largest specialist supplier of high-quality LED lighting & LED lighting systems. Superlight is a locally owned company with sales offices across Australia & New Zealand.

Are your products dimmable?

Yes. Superlight is specialist supplier of dimmable and colour-controllable LED systems. We manufacture our own range of LED controllers and we have can assist with integration with any other system such as home automation eg Dynalite or Clipsal CBUS.

I've seen LEDs before, what makes your products different?

There are other cheap LED products that have come and gone recently. The most significant differences between Superlight products and cheaper alternatives are QUALITY and PERFORMANCE. The quality and light output achieved from Superlight LED products is significantly better than cheaper products. Superlight is also a market leader in cutting-edge LED technology including LED drivers and dimming control.

What does RGB Mean?

RGB stands for RED/GREEN/BLUE and relates to colour mixing. Superlight RGB LED products can be controlled by any one of our range of RGB controllers to select any fixed colour or animated colour-function.

Can you help me design my project?

Yes. We can assist with any LED lighting project of any size. Please contact your nearest Superlight sales office for more information on how we can help with your project.

Are your products covered by any warranty?

Every Superlight product is covered by our full Superlight replacement warranty. Many of our products are also eligible for an extended warranty when installed with approved Superlight LED drivers. Contact your nearest Superlight sales office for more information.

Where are your products made?

Superlight LED lighting products are manufactured to strict standards of performance and quality. Most of our linear LED lighting products incorporate SSC (Korean) LEDs, whilst most of our high-power products such as LED downlights incorporate CREE (USA) LEDs. Most Superlight LED controllers and drivers are manufactured in Taiwan.

Can I install your products myself?

Superlight LED products are easy to install and in many cases operate on safe low-voltages, however we always recommend that any lighting or electrical installation be carried out by a suitable licensed electrical contractor.

Do you have a product catalogue?

You can request a copy of our LED lighting catalogue here. Please feel free to contact our sales office by phone or email for assistance with your project.

Do you have a showroom?

Our head office in Sydney has our complete range of LED lighting products on display or available for viewing. NZ customers can contact the NZ sales office to arrange a demonstration of any of our products.

Do you have a showroom in Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane?

Currently our Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth sales offices are not open to the public. Please contact us by phone or email to have a representative assist with you requirements.

LED Lighting FAQ