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LED Lighting: A Better Option?

LED Lighting is everywhere nowadays, in your car, in your kitchen, in clubs and bars and even in research facilities. So why is LED lighting gradually taking over from other types of domestic and industrial lighting?

Firstly LED Lighting is far more efficient and flexible. Its power consumption is on average approximately 5% of the equivalent brightness halogen or fluorescent lamp. For locations using vast quantities of light this is obviously going to be a huge saving on energy bills and is also much more environmentally friendly.

LED lighting creates virtually no heat, and also has a much longer life span than filament lamps or fluorescent tubes. This in the long run obviously means to you a huge saving in replacement costs. So with LED Lighting the saving is twofold, no more replacement lamps, and much lower energy bills. Also LED lights are solid state components, in simple terms this means they are exceptionally durable, compared to the filament in traditional bulbs. Shocks, drops and knocks are far less likely to cause damage to LEDs than to incandescent bulbs. This makes them perfect for road use for display companies, touring theatres and performing groups.

As for flexibility, LED Lighting offers far more options because LED fixtures are commonly powered using several LEDs to create the brightness required. As such various different coloured LEDs can be fitted in one unit. This means that a single unit can create vast quantities of different colours via colour mixing, as opposed to the single colours traditional lighting allows. LED lights also maintain their colour as they are dimmed as opposed to normal incandescent bulbs which tend to glow yellow when the current through them is lowered (giving off either a yellow instead of white light, or tinted colour if the light is being filtered). This makes the Led lights much more effective in light controlled situations.

So in short, LED Lighting and Lamps are more reliable and flexible, as well as much cheaper in the long run. The flexibility of colour means far less equipment and transport space required for touring performing or display groups. DMX LED Lighting, lighting software is used that controls the lighting and special effects fixtures, so that the light configurations and the effects utilized can be modified from a single point by the operator. Led Lighting is used with DMX lighting software to give the best lighting experience in any event or to any building.

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