Bollard Lighting

Bollard LED lighting luminaires are a functional way to illuminate landscapes and other outdoor lighting projects. Superlight offers variety of LED lighting bollards with several different LED designs. Configurations can be customised including the height, LED output and also finishes and colours.

Using Superlight LED bollards will help achieve the correct LUX performance for meeting standards such as P2 / P3 pathway illumination. The stylish lighting designs compliment the outdoor lighting decor of the project. Superlight LED bollards incorporate leading LED technology, integral LED Driver and are IP rated for exterior use. Contact Superlight today for assistance selecting the best LED bollard solution for your project.
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LED lighting solutions we regularly supply are:

• Wide range of commercial grade LED downlight fixtures for general lighting.
• Surface mounted LED downlights for commercial use.
• LED Shoplight fixtures for high output task lighting.
• LED Tracklight systems and LED spotlights for task and display lighting.
• Linear LED lighting profiles for specific shelving and product displays.
• Miniature LED Fittings for cabinets and display case lighting.
• Custom refinishing in black, silver or other customer colours.
• Simple to use LED lighting controllers for dimming and automatic on/off triggering.
• LED Lighting solutions for illuminated signage applications.

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