Concealed LED Lighting

Superlight linear LED lighting systems are ideal for lighting in ceiling coffers, pelmet LED lighting, bulkhead lighting and joinery lighting.

Our LED lighting products feature superior optical performance which maximises uniformity of LED light spread and achieves the maximum lighting effect for indirect lighting and concealed LED lighting applications.
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• For dynamic accent LED lighting projects, use RGB LED or RGBW LED light sources to provide flexibility over LED colour output and LED lighting effects.

• Always use a Superlight LED lighting mounting profile to protect LED lighting strip.

• Specify the exact lengths as Superlight manufactures to desired LED lighting lengths for any project. Provide the details to a Superlight representative and they will look after this for you.

• Always connect indirect or concealed linear LED lighting to a compatible LED dimming controller to reduce mood level lighting when desired. Ask your Superlight representative for suitable LED dimmer options.

• Always finish the inside of ceiling coffers and pelmets to maximise the LED lighting reflection and light performance.

• Use a Superlight LED lighting sensor controller to automatically ramp up the brightness of ceiling coffer lighting when somebody enters the room • Superlight can supply custom LED lighting lengths of any LED lighting product, we have LED lighting signal repeaters which allows an infinite length to be dimmable from a single dimming location. Superlight can offer the best LED lighting solution for any size project.

• Connect low-voltage wiring in corners for square ceiling coffers or to change direction of linear LED lighting such as around corners etc.

• For tight spaces or intricate lighting in curved details, SL7633 Sideview® LED strip may be better suited. This is an edge-lit LED lighting strip for illuminating ‘S’ type curves and shaped joinery lighting.

• Superlight can supply rolled and curved LED mounting profiles for special lighting applications where necessary.

• Linkable LED chain modules such as SL4429 can work well for concealed LED lighting of irregular lighting shapes and joinery details.

• For demanding high output lighting projects, use Superlight VRX® LED , GEN3 LED Turbostrip®, SL8606 LED Dual Strip® or SL7504 LED Powerbar® products for best LED lighting performance results.