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Air New Zealand Lounge 0716

Superlight LED lighting products installed in the Air New Zealand


Argyle Apartments 0714

Superlight professional LED products were selected for this..


Chopard Sydney 0695

Project done by Superlight


Macquarie Shopping Centre 0692

Superlight was commissioned to design and supply an...

RGB LED Steplights 0971

Superlight RGB LED Steplights installed in the hallway of this residential project. The fittings are controlled via a Superlight SL5315 RGB controller to select the desired colour, and the circuit is switched by movement sensor. Having the LED steplights automated this way means they provide ideal night light solution for guests.

Superlight RGB Steplights are discrete and effective and can be programmed to display any desired colour when used with a compatible Superlight RGB LED controller.

Products used in this project: