High-Rise Residential

Superlight has ideal LED lighting solutions for high rise residential projects, including apartment lighting, townhouses.

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Superlight offers:

• Fully stocked LED Lighting demonstration kits with the essential apartment products.
• In house LED lighting design services.
• Low profile & compact size LED downlights for limited ceiling depth and spaces.
• LED lighting profiles manufactured to schedule for easy on-site installation.
• Exterior lighting for driveways, gardens, and lighting for pathways and other common area lighting.
• Energy efficient LED solutions for carpark lighting, stairwell lighting, hallways.
• Full range of lighting solutions for high-end, mid-range and budget conscious developments.
• Inground uplights, LED bollards for outdoor common area lighting and courtyard lighting.
• Customised LED Strip modules, made to length for kitchen LED lighting, splashback lighting and bathrooms.

Lighting tips for KITCHEN LIGHTING

• Use LED cabinet downlights directly over the kitchen bench. LED lighting for stone bench tops provides maximum lighting impact and functionality.
• Superlight LED cabinet lights are easy to install and cost less that other lighting options.
• Linear Led strip lighting is the best way to illuminate kitchen joinery and splashbacks. Superlight provides custom made linear LED lengths of LED strips for apartment projects at no additional charge, saving significant time, labour costs and and electrical costs.


• LED Strip Lighting bathroom cabinets provides excellent indirect lighting which can complement LED downlights or also work independently as an ambient lighting source for night time lighting operation. Linear LED lighting profiles from Superlight is an excellent compliment to bathroom fittings e.g. Tapware, Vanity Units, Tiles which attract potential buyers.
• Superlight LED downlights meet AS/NZS standards for LED lighting in bathrooms and ensuites.
• Shower cubicle lighting requires IP54 rating such as the SL2027 or SL2765 LED downlight models.
• Tip: using the same style of LED downlights outside of shower cubicles saves money and keeps the LED downlights consistent throughout the lighting project


• Superlight Cube LED wall lights are perfect for balconies in high rise dwellings. They provide effective indirect light that washes the wall and does not produce light spill for neighbouring apartments. Use one fitting for most regular size balconies to achieve acceptable lighting levels.
• Superlight LED Clipper ceiling light fittings are ideal replacements for traditional balcony oysters. They are modern LED lighting option, with a depth of only 39mm. The slimline form factor gives significantly improved look. They are simple to install and are extremely cost effective.


The Jet series LED battens can be used in conjunction with motion sensors is the perfect way to cut energy and maintenance costs for a carpark. The Jet fitting replaces traditional fluorescent style fittings without increasing cost.


• Superlight ECO90 LED downlights feature a low glare reflector and are perfect in apartments that have low ceiling heights. They replace existing halogen downlights and do not increase costs to the project.
• Superlight Express SMD Low profile fitting is ideal for all general areas and is a good performing LED downlight and lower cost than other options.

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