Jewellery Display Lighting

Superlight designs and manufactures specialist lighting systems for high end fashion and jewellery retail projects.

Our range of LED lighting solutions includes high-spec LED downlight fixtures, LED track lighting systems, security LED lighting and shop counter lighting products. Our super-smart jewellery store lighting products are guaranteed to divert and engage customers attention. The range includes LED overhead lighting that delivers high intensity light projection to in-case LED lighting fixtures. All our LED products burn cool and deliver pure white light.
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We have a range of product solutions for task lighting, special effect lighting, general area lighting and adjustable CCT.

• Warm tones such as gold and coloured stones are best illuminated with LED lighting sources such as warm white colour temperature light sources. CCT 3700-3200K.
• Diamonds and white stones are best illuminated with cool white LED lighting, colour temperature light sources between CCT 5000-6500K.
• Superlight has LED products such as SL7607 White-MIX® LED strip, which can produce adjustable white LED light from 2700-6500K from a single LED lighting strip.
• Superlight continuous LED lighting can be installed above counter and showroom areas and can also be CCT controllable to adjust CCT between warm white & cool white colour tones.
• Use miniature LED lighting fixtures such as Mini® LED Downlights and Convex® LED lighting series display case LED light fittings to highlight specific display cabinet cases and product showcases.
• Adjustable LED slotter downlights allow for general LED lighting and angled task lighting where necessary.

Creating a certain level of sparkle with display LED lighting is as important as ever. LED jewellery store lighting specialists Superlight, create brilliant LED lighting solutions that really illuminate every detail. Our LED lighting products make jewellery dazzle in the best possible lighting, both inside and outside of the showcase. So no more colourless diamonds with outdated lighting systems or old fashioned halogen lights that burn really hot.

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