Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important parts of kitchen design. That is why as LED kitchen lighting specialists, Superlight deliver beautifully designed kitchen lighting solutions by using innovation in LED lighting technology to transform kitchen spaces in any residential lighting project.

A frontrunner in LED kitchen lighting design, a Superlight expert can create the best LED lighting solutions for food preparation, general LED lighting, and living environments including mood lighting. Whatever the lighting project, whether residential or commercial, the correct level of lighting intensity is crafted from ambient lighting , kitchen task lighting and accent kitchen lighting with the ultimate range of high quality, long lasting LED kitchen lighting products from LED under cabinet lighting to kitchen LED strip lights, LED ceiling lights, downlighting and low voltage LED lighting.
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Superlight has the ultimate range of LED lighting products that are ideal for enhancing kitchen spaces in residential projects.

For overhead cupboard lighting, the Generation-3 LED Turbostrip® is one of the perfect lighting options. It provides superior smooth LED lighting output and offers excellent lighting efficiency with low energy consumption. Superlight manufactures LED Turbostrip® profiles to order, which means the ideal lengths can be supplied to fit your kitchen perfectly.

If cabinet downlights are preferred, Superlight SL2261 or SL2265 LED cabinet fittings can be used, they incorporate advanced LED lighting technology which delivers excellent light output.

Good quality ceiling lighting is very important in kitchen and home entertainment areas. Superlight has a range of good quality LED downlights fittings which provide excellent general area lighting for kitchens and dining areas.

• Superlight continuous linear LED lighting above kitchen islands.
• Avoid elaborate style pendant lights because they collect dust & are often difficult to clean and maintain.
• Use Superlight LED dimmers such as SL5041 touch dimmer controller to have flexibility of your linear task lighting.
• Ensure your installer uses separated switch circuits for linear task lighting.

Superlight lighting consultants guide you through the myriad of LED kitchen light options, and explore innovative ways to enhance and transform the overall design schemes from focused lighting to highlighting features and ambient lighting. Superlight lighting products are leading the way in LED lighting solutions for commercial LED lighting, retail, LED lighting in all residential areas, wholesale lighting or architectural.

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