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Superlight Lighting Control Software

Superlight is a leading supplier of architectural LED lighting products for any project, including LED light fittings, LED striplighting, outdoor LED lighting and more. Superlight also specialises in the manufacture and supply of LED dimming controllers and complete customised LED control solutions.

Superlight can also supply a range of computerised LED lighting control solutions suitable for the programming and control of LED lighting installations. User licenses for LED lighting control software can usually be granted when ordered together with corresponding Superlight LED controllers or Superlight LED lighting products.

Contact Superlight for more information about lighting control software for your project.

Superlight Colour-Mix Software

  • SL5319 Modem Controller
  • SL5320 Scene Controller

Super-DMX Software

  • SL5009 Touchscreen Controller
  • SL5050 DMX USB Interface
  • SL5057 DMX Decoder
  • SL5059 DMX Decoder

Ordering Information

  • SL5319-50      Colour-MIX Software for Superlight USB Controllers
  • SL5055-55      Super-DMX LED Software for DMX512 Interface
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