SL3694 Exterior LED Wall Light

The 3690 series wall lights are IP65 rated for all outdoor areas. They are very low energy fittings consuming less than 3 watts each. They incorporate ribbed reflector panels for smooth indirect lighting of pathways, steps, landscape applications, walkways, public areas etc.

The fittings operate with 240V so no additional power supply or transformer is required. Suitable for all commercial & residential projects.


Input Voltage:
Max Power Consumption:
LED Quantity:
LED Classification:
Super Bright 3648 LED
Standard Viewing Angle:
Trim Dimensions
171mm x 105mm
Fitting Depth:
Operating Temperature:
 -10 ~ +65°C
IP Protection Rating:

Photometric Information

  • SL3694-11     RED  Typical Wavelength:  RED 650nm
  • SL3694-12     green  Typical Wavelength:  GREEN 560nm
  • SL3694-13     blue  Typical Wavelength:  BLUE 450nm
  • SL3694-14     yellowbright  Typical Wavelength: AMBER
  • SL3694-15     cyan  CCT: 6500K    CRI:  >70
  • SL3694-21     yellowbright  CCT: 3200K    CRI:  >75

Detailed photometric report and IES files available by request

Typical Applications

  • Commercial & residential landscape lighting
  • Exterior steplighting

3D Modelling & Lighting Design

Superlight can provide detailed 3D modelling and lighting design services for your project, including wiring schematics and lighting control system design. Contact us for more information.

Customisation Options

  • Trim colour can be refinished
  • 12/24VDC RGB version also available RGB
  • Low voltage conversion available by request

Customisation options are subject to availability and minimum order quantities

Ordering Information

  • SL3694-11      IP65 Recessed LED Wall Light RED RED
  • SL3694-12      IP65 Recessed LED Wall Light greenGREEN
  • SL3694-13      IP65 Recessed LED Wall Light blueBLUE
  • SL3694-14      IP65 Recessed LED Wall Light yellowbrightAMBER
  • SL3694-15      IP65 Recessed LED Wall Light     WHITE
  • SL3694-21      IP65 Recessed LED Wall Light yellowbrightWARM WHITE