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SL5210 3 Channel LED Signal Repeater

The 5210 Signal Repeater is used for boosting/repeating an RGB signal when operating several RGB fittings on the same network, or when controlling long runs of RGB strips & modules. The Signal Repeater ensures the RGB signal from the controller remains strong & consistent at all points within the installation.

By using our Signal Repeaters in combination with any Superlight RGB controller, there is virtually no limit to the length or number of fittings in the RGB installation.


Input Voltage (DC IN):
Maximum Power Output (A):
5A (Max) Per Channel
Maximum Power Output (W):
12VDC= 180W     24VDC= 360W
Dimensions (L x W x H):
165 x 40 x 26mm
IP Protection Rating:

Typical Applications

Expand capacity of existing RGB controller. Synchronous control of RGB LED installations. Compatible with Superlight RGB LED strips, RGB modules & fittings.

Control & Dimming Compatibility

This product is available in dimmable configurations including Phase Dim, DALI, 1-10V, DMX512.Please contact us for options and availability.

Installation Guidelines

  • IP20 Indoor Use Only
  • Ensure rated load does not exceed 5A per channel (15A total)
  • Use only with approved Superlight 12/24VDC LED driver

Ordering Information

  • SL5210-00 Superlight 3 Channel LED Signal Repeater 12V/24V

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