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SL5060 Constant Current LED Driver – Adjustable Output

Superlight SL5060 is a versatile constant current LED driver with user selectable output settings. Optional current settings range from 250mA-700mA with a maximum power capacity of 25W. The device is dimmable via either 1-10V analogue signal, or push-dim function. The unit can also operate in constant voltage mode with a low power capacity of 25W.


Input Voltage:110-240VAC
Output Control Channels:Single Channel Output
Output Modes:Constant Current/Constant Voltage
Output Current:250mA/700mA (user selectable)
Maximum Power Output:25W
Dimming Control:1-10V or Push-Dim
Connection Method:Quick-Push Terminals
Recommended Ambient Temperature:-20 ~ +50°C
IP Protection Rating:IP20

Typical Applications

  • LED Driver for constant current LED products
  • Achieve smooth 1-10V or Push-Dim installation
  • Domestic, commercial LED lighting installations
  • Superlight constant current LED strips, modules and fittings

Control & Dimming Compatibility

This product is available in dimmable configurations including Phase Dim, DALI, 1-10V, DMX512.Please contact us for options and availability.

Installation Guidelines

  • IP20 Indoor Use Only
  • Ensure correct DIP switch settings to select output mode
  • Dimming function via 1-10V signal or Push-Dim

Ordering Information

  • SL5060-00     Superlight Dimmable LED Driver Adjustable Output 250-700mA

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