SL7455 Streamline-XR Linkable Linear LED

Superlight Streamline-XR is a convenient linkable linear LED lighting product that can be used for a variety of applications. Streamline-XR is designed with a unique edgeview LED orientation which delivers smooth and uniform illumination. Superlight Streamline products allow for seamless linkable continuous installations, requiring no soldering cutting or modifications. Superlight offers a range of linkable accessories allowing the product to be used in almost any configuration.


Input Voltage: 24VDC
Power Consumption: 2.5W / 5W / 9W / 14W / 15W / 17W
Lengths: 150/300/600/900/1000/1200mm
Profile Dimensions: 30x13mm
LED Classification: SSC SMD LED
LED Orientation: Side/Edgeview
Typical Light Source Efficacy: 80lm/W
Viewing Angle: 100°
Max Continuous Length: 6mtrs
Recommended Ambient Temp: -20°C~+50°C
IP Protection Rating: IP20

Photometric Information

  • SL7455    CCT: 6000K  cyan  CRI:  >84
  • SL7455    CCT: 4000K  yellow2  CRI:  >88
  • SL7455    CCT: 3000K  yellowbright  CRI:  >88

Detailed photometric report and IES files available by request

Typical Applications

Applications include joinery lighting, display cabinets, showcases, indirect lighting, concealed lighting, pelmet and coffer lighting.

3D Modelling & Lighting Design

Superlight can provide detailed 3D modelling and lighting design services for your project, including wiring schematics and lighting control system design. Contact us for more information.

Customisation Options

  • Various mounting and connection accessories available
  • Superlight can design mounting accessories by special request
  • DALI dimmable controller available by request

Ordering Information

  • SL7455    Superlight Streamline Express LED 150mm 2.5W
  • SL7455    Superlight Streamline Express LED 300mm 5W
  • SL7455    Superlight Streamline Express LED 600mm 9W
  • SL7455    Superlight Streamline Express LED 900mm 14W
  • SL7455    Superlight Streamline Express LED 1000mm 15W
  • SL7455    Superlight Streamline Express LED 1200mm 17W

** Specify CCT Colour Temperature:  3000K/4000K/6000K
** Specify installation accessories marketing automation