SL1188 600W IP67 Constant Voltage LED Driver

The 600W LED driver is a reliable unit suitable for all Superlight 12VDC or 24VDC LED installations. The 600W driver is IP67 Rated and is suitable for all indoor/outdoor applications.

LED products require carefully selected control equipment and LED drivers to ensure the installation is powered correctly and the product reaches its maximum life expectancy. Please contact your nearest Superlight office for assistance selecting the correct equipment for your project.


Model: SL1185-600H SL1188-600H
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 100-240VAC
Output Voltage Options: 12VDC 24VDC
Voltage Output Configuration Constant Voltage Constant Voltage
Max Power Output Watts: 60W 60W
Max Output Current: 5A 2.5A
Typical Efficiency: >85% >85%
Dimensions: 280x225x50mm 280x225x50mm
Thermal Management: Convention Cooling Convention Cooling
Recommended Ambient Temperature: -10 ~ +40°C -10 ~ +40°C
IP Protection Rating: IP67 IP67

Typical Applications

Commercial and industrial LED lighting installations.
Large scale projects with high power capacity requirements.
Superlight constant voltage LED strips, modules and fittings.

Lighting System Design

Superlight can provide detailed design services for your project, including wiring schematics and lighting control system design. Contact us for more information.

Installation Guidelines

  • Weatherproof IP67. Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • LED drivers should be located in well ventilated location
  • Ensure load does not exceed 80% of rated output
  • Should be installed by professional electrical contractor

Ordering Information

  • SL1185-600H        IP67 Constant Voltage LED Driver 12VDC 600W
  • SL1188-600H        IP67 Constant Voltage LED Driver 24VDC 600W marketing automation