Superlight KNG LED Wall Washers are high powered LED fixtures with built in LED control gear capable of large scale facade lighting, landscape lighting, wall washing and other linear illumination applications. KNG fittings are available in 400mm, 600mm, 1200mm length variants and have adjustable mounting brackets for versatile installation.


Series Model Number:SL9400 Series
Input Voltage:90-260VAC
Power Consumption:36W / 54W / 108W
LED Classification:3W High Power
Nominal Fixture Lengths:400mm / 600mm / 1200mm
Typical Light Source Efficacy:100lm/W
Light Source CRI:>85
Beam Angle:25° / 60°
RGB Option:RGB with integral DMX Decoder
Fixture Material:Die Cast Alloy
Included Accessory:Adjustable Mounting Brackets
Recommended Ambient Temperature:-20 ~ +45°C
IP Protection Rating:IP65


Series Model Number:
Input Voltage:
Power Consumption:
LED Classification:
Nominal Fixture Lengths:
Typical Light Source Efficacy:
Light Source CRI:
Beam Angle:
RGB Option:
Fixture Material:
Included Accessory:
Recommended Ambient Temperature:
IP Protection Rating:
SL9400 Series
36W / 54W / 108W
3W High Power
400mm / 600mm / 1200mm
25° / 60°
RGB with integral DMX Decoder
Die Cast Alloy
Adjustable Mounting Brackets
-20 ~ +45°C

Typical Applications

Building facades, wall washing, architectural highlighting, commercial lighting, retail environments, feature lighting, landscape and exterior lighting, public space lighting, hospitality and hotel projects, venues.

Customisation Options

  • 24VDC version available by special request
  • Special purpose mounting brackets available by special request
  • Optional DALI dimmable version available by special request

>> Custom options may be subject to minimum order quantities

3D Modelling & Lighting Design

Superlight can provide detailed 3D modelling and lighting design services for your project, including wiring schematics and lighting control system design. Contact us for more information.

Control & Dimming Compatibility

RGB version is supplied complete with integral DMX decoder

Ordering Information

  • SL94425          KNG LED Wall Washer 90-260VAC 400mm 25° 12x3W IP65
  • SL94460          KNG LED Wall Washer 90-260VAC 400mm 60° 12x3W IP65
  • SL94625          KNG LED Wall Washer 90-260VAC 600mm 25° 18x3W IP65
  • SL94660          KNG LED Wall Washer 90-260VAC 600mm 60° 18x3W IP65
  • SL941225        KNG LED Wall Washer 90-260VAC 1200mm 25° 36x3W IP65
  • SL941260        KNG LED Wall Washer 90-260VAC 1200mm 60-° 36x3W IP65