Public Space Lighting

Nowadays councils and municipalities are investing more in quality lighting solutions to produce safe, appealing and attractive ambiences in public spaces.

Superlight is a leading supplier for public lighting installations including LED lighting for parklands, public spaces, artworks and sculptures, as well as utilities such as lighting for public seating and illuminating public transport hubs. Discuss your lighting ideas with Superlight and allow us to devise a functional, energy efficient, cost effective, and innovative LED lighting concept. We have expertise in delivering public space lighting that meets the needs of all key stakeholders.
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Previous successful Superlight lighting project include lighting for parks and boulevards to civic centres, underpasses, memorials and iconic places to historic monuments. We also have extensive lighting experience illuminating public artwork installations either for permanent lighting installations or for limited display events and exhibitions.

Every city has a unique character and the lighting team at Superlight knows how to provide the best atmosphere and the perfect illumination solution, whatever the public space. We offer creative LED lighting solutions for forward thinking clients who seek innovation and sustainability as a core approach, Superlight can bring your public spaces to life with state-of-the-art, energy efficient LED lighting luminaires and the latest LED lighting control technology. Allow us to create the best lighting outcome for you – and define a visual identity for your community outdoor space.