RGBW Lighting

For more than 10 years, Superlight has been Australia’s most established supplier of RGB LED and RGBW LED lighting products.

Superlight RGB/RGBW LED products offer the most vibrant colour mixing performance and best quality LED lighting components for the most demanding colour-changing LED lighting projects.
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Superlight is Australia’s leading supplier of RGB and RGBW LED lighting systems, including RGB.RGBW LED luminaires, RGBW LED lighting control systems, LED Touch screen controllers, RGB/RGBW remote handset controllers and other RGBW LED drivers.

Popular lighting applications for RGB & RGBW installations include :

• Linear LED strip lighting for features.
• Restaurants, Bars & Hospitality projects.
• Exterior, landscape and underwater LED lighting.
• Special effect lighting for events and displays.
• Signage and other displays for conventions and exhibition lighting.
• Public space LED lighting and sculpture illumination.

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RGB+W are colour changing RGB lighting products that also include an additional dedicated WHITE/WARM WHITE LED channel. Dedicated RGB LED products cannot recreate precise warm white colour tones, therefore using an RGBW product introduces more function and LED lighting colour range versus regular RGB products.