Staircase & Steplights

Superlight offers a wide range of LED lighting products which are perfectly suited to staircase lighting, step lighting, stairnose lighting applications.

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• Use linear LED Turbostrip® LED lighting profiles for concealed lighting along stair stringers. Medium power LED Superstrip® can be used for indirect lighting in applications such as concealed stair-riser lighting.
• Superlight has a range of purpose built stairnose lighting products, including full LED systems with stairnose profiles such as SL8440 or SL8488 profiles, designed to facilitate LED lighting installation onto steps and treads for commercial lighting applications.
• Superlight LED steplights such as SL2878 series can be supplied in single colour LED or RGB LED configurations and they provide discrete and effective lighting illumination for safety and accent lighting.
• Superlight mini LED Downlights and LED bullets are great lighting options for recess mounting into stair walls or for stair treads illumination.
• For exterior steplighting, use IP65 rated exterior LED fittings such as SL3600 series or the SL3694 series. These lighting products are supplied with pre-installation mounting cans to facilitate a simple lighting installation.
• Use Superlight LED lighting sensor controllers to automate the functions of steplighting and staircase lighting for safety and additional lighting efficiency.